November 1, 2014 – Lowitz phenomenon in Miesbach


On November 1, 2014, Thomas Klein observed in Miesbach/Bavaria a halo phenomenon with multiple appearances. In the morning hours, only the standard halos 22°-ring, both parhelions, upper tangent arc and parry arc were visible. Right after lunch, the first phenomenon was observed in the centre of Miesbach. Beside the halos above, also rare halos were documented, an almost full parhelic arc, both 120° parhelions, left Liljequist parhelion, supralateral arc and cirumzenithal arc. Not be seen but documented on pictures were also helic arc and wegeners arc.

After the intensity continuously increased, Thomas decided to continue observing at a nearby field with a panorama view only a few minutes outside of Miesbach to not miss any halos. Just after arrival, the crystals in the cirrus must have been almost perfectly in shape and orientation. In the following 30 minutes, a few of the rarest halos were documented by the young observer. Mentionable is the bright upper tangent arc in combination with the bright parry arc, both the 46°-ring and the supralateral arc which could be differentiated with the naked eye, all 4 lowitz arcs which also crossed the parhelions and the very rare 46° tangent arcs. Last mentioned phenomena was observed the second time in cirrus und first time ever with this clearness.  Still unseen but clearly documented in pictures are the upper tape arcs and the helic arc.

After the cirrus with the perfect crystals moved on, both infralateral arcs appeared at the horizon which were the only visible halos one time which was quite odd. Until sunset, bright parhelions and circumzenith arcs could be seen from time to time.

Thomas described this phenomenon as an overwhelming experience, as he started observing halos only 6 months earlier and were able to document a few of the rarest existing halos.


Author: Thomas Klein

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