January 30, 2014 – Diamond dust phenomen in the Ski area Neklid


On January 30, 2014 observed my husband Wolfgang and I on the ridge of Ore Mountains between the mountains Fichtelberg (Germany, 1214m) and Klínovec (Czech, 1244m) an incredible Halo phenomenon in top of cold Bohemian fog. This forms very often when atmospheric inversion in the valley of river Eger/ Ohře.

Weather situation: It blew a moderate east wind and drifted the whisp of fog from the valley which were divided into ice crystals on the saddle. Each wispy cloud got other halos. Temperature: -8°C.

We counted 24 different halo types, including Lowitz arcs, 120° parhelia (with blue spot), Supra- and Infralateral arcs, Parry arc, subsun (in front of snow blanket), Wegeners, Trickers, Hastings and diffuse anthelic arcs, upper and lower Tapes arcs (or 46° Parry arcs), heliac arc, subhelic arc, antisolar arc and Moilanen arc. Particularly impressive was the impressive 3D effect.

Here still a video from Oliver Kaufmann

Author: Claudia and Wolfgang Hinz

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