Diamond dust halos on the night of 12/13 January – part II


More photos from the 12/13 January night. The image above is a view opposite to the spotlight. Seen is blue circle, diffuse, Wegener and subhelic arcs. Below are two more images, the blue-minus-red image shows the “column 351/361”, which is the Kern arc equivalent of 46° supralateral arc. The lamp is about 5 degrees below the camera.

Marko Riikonen

002-photo-x 003-0533-0453_a

2 thoughts on “Diamond dust halos on the night of 12/13 January – part II

  1. No I haven’t. Actually, I doubt if anyone has seen Kern in solar displays including Mr. Kern himself. All observations seem dubious. If I had to put my money on one display nevertheless, I would go for Saskatoon. The display was of the magnitude to give birth for visual Kern. Ripley and Saugier just forgot it was colored. About the spotlight displays, I have this recollection that Luomanen & Mikkilä thought of having seen Kern with the eye once, but for the discussion on whether any of the historical observations is a real deal we want to get that visual from solar display. So although the Kern arc has been photographed, it still has some of that mystery left.

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